Work in progress...

Here is a picture of the Rapunzel brooch underway, inspired by Hockney's Grimm fairytale etchings. This is my second attempt; having originally tried working on a flat piece,  the metal has been etched and hammered to take on a more three dimensional appearance.

I'm very excited to be starting work on a new piece for a show dedicated to David Hockney at the @work jewellery gallery in Pimlico. I visited the Salts Mill gallery near Bradford, which houses a large collection of his work, on a school trip when I was fourteen. It was the first time I saw his series of Grimms etchings and they have stayed with me ever since.

@work is run by Adele Tipler and Joanna Butler and is packed full of brilliant contemporary jewellery by independent makers so coming up with the goods is going to be a challenge, here goes!

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 18.23.59.png